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Sigmatek SBR-1000

Sigmatek SBR-1000Sigmatek have joined the blu-ray game with their first player called the SBR-1000. The Sigmatek SBR-1000 blu-ray player is going to be the cheapest player in avaliable in Europe. Now that the HD format war is over, the main reason people aren’t buying blu-ray players is the price, Sigmatek have noticed this and are releasing the Sigmatek SBR1000 at a very competitive price of under €250 (£185), bringing the SBR-1000 to a lower price than the current lowest price winner, the Sony BDP-S300 (~£260).

Although the Sigmatek SBR-1000 comes in at a very cheap price point, it’s specifications and features do not seem to be cheap, and the SBR-1000 looks like a decent player. The SBR-1000′s release date is in April and it’s reported to support at least blu-ray profile 1.1 with Bonus View features. Full HD 1080p/24p output is supported along with HDMI 1.3 output with Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Digital Plus.