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Samsung BD-P3600

samsung bd-p3600The Samsung BD-P3600 was announced at this years CES in January, and has now been released to the public, and has been spotted by a number of people for a very respectable $399 price tag.

At one model up from the Samsung BDP-1600 the BD-P3600 model includes a funky USB dongle which adds 802.11n WiFi, eliminating the need to use the Ethernet port, and have a long cable running across the room.

Internet connectivity is important to the Samsung BD-P3600 as it supports Pandora and Netflix streaming, bringing HD movies directly to your blu-ray player, along with BD-Live content and firmware updates.

The Samsung BDP3600 fully supports BD-Live / profile 2.0, and comes with 1GB of onboard memory. There is also DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and 7.1 analog outs, making the BD-P3600 very attractive for audio lovers.

samsung bd-p3600

Offering a respectiable price tag, with full BD-Live support, Netflix streaming and included WiFi support the Samsung BD-P3600 seems like a winning blu-ray player for 2009. If you’re not interested by the Wi-Fi or 7.1 analog outputs, you can save about $100 by looking at the Samsung BDP-1600 model.