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Samsung BD-P1600

Samsung BD-P1600The Samsung BD-P1600 blu-ray player is one of Samsung’s latest offerings. The newest generation of blu-ray players are starting to show up at stores and the Samsung BD-P1600 looks like an impressive, well priced model.

With a suggested retail price of $299, the mid range player has a lot to offer, with BD-Live support and like it’s higher tire players offers Netflix streaming support.

Even though the Samsung BD-P1600 supports BD-Live, it does not feature the required 1GB of storage space, but this is easily added by any USB memory stick, which can be found very cheaply.

Samsung BD-P1600

As this is a new player, it features super fast loading times for blu-ray playback. An Ethernet port is featured for connecting the Samsung BDP1600 upto the Internet to stream back content, but if you don’t like the sound of having an Ethernet cable in your living room, you can buy an WiFi dongle to cut the cord.