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Samsung BD-UP5500

Samsung BD-UP5500Samsung have announced their new Duo HD player, gaining appreciation of many HDTV owners around the world. The new Samsung BD-UP5500 Duo HD player can play back both HD formats, HD DVD, Blu-ray and also standard DVDs upscalled to 1080p. Duo HD / Dual formats players are the answer to the very annoying “HD format war” which leaves HDTV owners not knowing which format to go for.

Last year Samsung released their very popular, and CES award winning BD-UP5000 duo player, and this year hope to take things a step further with the Samsung BD-UP5500. This player will enable you to play back every HD disc avaliable, and also your old DVD collection at full 1080p HD out put via it’s HDMI 1.3 output. The slim and sleek duo HD player complies to Blu-ray profile 1.1, so it contains both secondary audio and video decoding for picture in picture features.

Samsung BD-UP5500

The BD-UP5500 is a fully functioning Blu-ray Bonus View player with the latest BD-Java and HD DVD interactivity support avaliable. An Ethernet connection is also avaliable allowing users to experience a large selection of viewing options as well as downloading new firmware to upgrade the player. The BD-UP5500 also supports the latest audio decoding with 7.1-Ch PCM, DTS-HD High Resolution, Master audio, and Dolby TrueHD Bistream output via HDMI 1.3. All packed into a slim 2.3 inch piano black design.

The Samsung BD-UP5500 will be avaliable in the second half of 2008, for a estimated price of $599.