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Pioneer BDP-09FD

Pioneer Elite BDP-09FDIf you want the best, and I mean the very best, regardless of Price, the Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD would be the blu-ray player. Up until now, the best blu-ray player available has surprisingly been the Sony PlayStation 3. The Pioneer BDP-09FD really takes blu-ray players to the next level, and makes all current models look rather lacking and sub standard. Pioneer have given their Elite Pioneer BDP-09FD full Blu-ray Profile 2.0 straight out of the box, with no need to wait for new firmware to be released. Fully supporting the new BD-Live playback.

As you can see from the photo, the Pioneer BDP-09FD is be big hefty machine, at about 45 lbs, with all it’s highest end components mounted directly, with no internal wiring to a 1/4 inch plate of sold steel base and extremely vibration-free feet. Pioneer is aiming the BDP-09FD at the high-end home theater enthusiast, with the aim of the single unit to replace the need of their existing DVD player and CD player, and the BDP-09FD will do a much better job.

Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD

Feature wise, the Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD provides 4GB of internal storage, eight independent D/A converters for every 7.1 channel, and 16-bit color output. 1080p / 24p output for blu-ray and DVDs can be output over two HDMI outputs, eliminating the need for a splitter of constant unplugging of the HDMI cable to the HDTV or projector. You can also use one HDMI output for the video signal and the other HDMI for the audio.

So if you want the best of the best, and can afford to payout $2200 for a blu-ray player, the should be your number one. Pioneer