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Pioneer BDP-LX91

pioneer_bdplx91The new Pioneer BDP-LX91 is the next true, reference quality Blu-ray player, which provides the highest level of picture and audio performance. The BDP-LX91 is expected to be the blu-ray players which other players are compared to. This highest-end, flagship BD player has been created to get the very best out of blu-ray and also DVD and CD content.

Blu-ray and DVD content can be enjoyed at 1080p, all enhanced by a new 16-bit video engine, I/P conversion, video adjustments and scaling. The Pioneer BDPLX91′s unique adaptive lenght expansion technology can reproduce the colors of a movie in their purest form, as recorded in. By restoring the 8-bit video signal from a BD disc back to the higher 16-bit deep color signal. This produces a HD image with even more color tones and natural range, with smoother color graduations via the HDMI 48-bit deep color format.


The Pioneer BDP-LX91 has equally as impressive audio to match the video side of things. With 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio decoding and also bit stream output. A dedicated power supply is used for the analogue audio board with 8x Wolfson Audio DACs. Dual HDMI outputs are featured, enabling the BDP-LX91 to output separate audio and video signals on each terminal.

Equipped with an Ethernet port the BDP-LX91 can access the very latest live features available via BD-Live (BD profile 2.0). Finally the player has an aluminum chassis and an ultra-rigid steel bottom plate to give the Pioneer BDP-LX91 a very solid feel.  Expect to see the highly impressive BDP-LX91 across Europe in November this year.