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Pioneer BDP-LX71

Pioneer’s latest and greatest Blu-ray player is coming to Europe this summer. The Pioneer BDP-LX71 blu-ray player features the new BonusView Profile 1.1 for blu-ray film interactivity, 1080p HD output with 24p (24fsp) support for the very best output format avaliable. From using the HDMI 1.3a output 12-bit deep colour (with 297MHz 12-bit video encoder) the BDP-LX71 delivers an unprecedented range of hues and shades bringing you perfect, realistic images.

By offering 1080p / 24p with 12-bit deep colour support the Pioneer BDP-LX71 really does bring the very best possiable HD image avaliable. Delivering the same frame rate as the films are recorded in giving you a natural high quality movie experiance. The BDP-LX71 blu-ray player also features Pioneer’s advanced PureCinema Deinterlacer which upscales standard DVDs to a full 1080p resolution to bring you the best in quality from your existing DVD collection.

Pioneer BDP-LX71 Features

Pioneer has not forgotten the audio on the audio either, the BDP-LX71 supports a vast array of advanced audio formats, and can decode, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS HD and DTS HD Master. From using 4x Wolfson Professional Audio DACs the Pioneer BDPLX71 ensures the highest audio performance.Other features include; Advanced Audio Bitstream & decoding of all formats, Video Adjust fine-tuning options, 7.1 Channel Analogue Output, Gold Plated Terminals and an Aluminium Front Panel.