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Pioneer BDP-LX52

Pioneer BDP-LX52Pioneer might of quit the HDTV production market with the withdrawal of their Kuro plasma range, but they haven’t quit the blu-ray market, and have just announced their new highend blu-ray player, the Pioneer BDP-LX52.

Their latest top of the range blu-ray player is one notch above the Pioneer BDP-320, and supports KURO LINK Video Adjust System, which can automatically (or manually) adjust the preset settings of the player depending on your HDTV, to benefit from presets defined by Pioneer’s display and video experts.

The Pioneer BDP-LX52 looks great with a solid aluminum front panel, with ice blue illumination. BD-Live / Blu-ray profile 2.0 is supported out of the box, along with 24p / 1080p support via HDMI. 48-bit Deep Colour is also supported to get the very best color graduations.

Pioneer BDP-LX52

The highest audio quality is also featured with DTS HD Master Audio Essential and Dolby TrueHD support. Output can be either native bitstream, or decoded internally and output as uncompressed multi-channel LPCM on HDMI. Professional-grade digital audio decoders are used in the Pioneer BDP-LX52.

The Pioneer BDP-LX52 supports the worlds first multi-channel PQLS, between the blu-ray disk player and a multi-channel PQLS-equipped Pioneer receiver by synchronizing both components’ digital clocks for optimal audio playback.

On a side note, Pioneer have also announced the Pioneer BDP-V6000 professional blu-ray player, which is one of the world’s first to playback both blu-ray discs and DVD media in both PAL and NTSC formats.