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Pioneer BDP-LX80

Pioneer BDP-LX80Pioneer have just announced a new Blu-ray disc player with HD audio bitstream output”, we believe this is an industry first for Blu-ray players. The new BDP-LX80 seems to be very similar to their BDP-LX70, with the added exception of the HD audio bitstream output. The bitstream supports both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio output over HDMI 1.3. If your sound system can support these bitstreams the LX80 might be very tempting to you. No worldwide lauch date as of yet, but it will be floating around Japan in October 07 for a local currency of 210,000 or $1770 USD.
If you currently own the Pioneer BDP-LX70 you probably won’t be too interested in upgrading, and also you never know, there might be some hacked firmware available some day to make the LX70 in to the LX80.