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Pioneer BDPLX70 Reviewed

Pioneer BDP-LX70 smallIf you’re looking to sink some money into the Blu-ray route of HD media playback, the Pioneer BDP-LX70 certainly seems to be a great player to select. Pioneer have always been known for their high end hardware, and the BDP-LX70 blu-ray player is one of their latest devices, so you can expect something good.

The Pioneer BDP-LX70 has a HDMI 1.2 output, and an Ethernet port for use with Pioneer’s Home Media Gallery software, which allows a whole mix of video and audio files from your PC directly on the BDPLX70 and your HDTV. A great feature of the BDP-LX70 is it’s ability to output via HDMI at 1080p/24p, this is Full HD at 24 frames per second, the same rate at which the movie was filmed in, resulting in a “pure” video signal going to the HDTV.

Pioneer BDPLX70
The Pioneer BDPLX70 can also upconvert your old DVDs to 1080p to get the most out of your existing movie collections. TrustedReviews reviewed the Pioneer BDP-LX70 and said, the picture quality is simply the best that we’ve yet seen on an HD disc player. Unable to resist, we kicked off our tests by running the LX70 in 1080p/24fps mode into a Pioneer 508XD plasma TV running in 72Hz mode. And the results were nothing short of spectacular. The first thing that struck us was how remarkably clean the picture looks, with not even the smallest trace of any shimmering or dot crawl noise of the sort that can be caused by other player/TV combinations.