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Pioneer BDP-94HD Reviewed

Pioneer Elite BDP-94HDIf you’re looking for the very best in Blu-ray, then you need a great player. The Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD blu-ray player does not come cheap, but it’s packed with features to get you the best blu-ray experience. The RRP of the BDP-94HD is $999 but should be cheaper online (check below), and supports 1080p/24p (24 fps) for outputting full 1080p HD at 24fps, so as long as your HDTV supports it, you can view blu-ray films in the intended recorded frame rate. The BDP-94HD also supports internal Dolby TrueHD decoding, DLNA media streaming, Ethernet port and 5.1 analog audio out.

The player also has a great look, so all seems to be going well for the BDP-94HD, but interestingly enough, HDMI 1.3 is not supported, so bit stream output and deep color are not supported, this many or may not be a deal breaker for you, as many current and older HDTVs and devices do not support HDMI 1.3 to take advantage of it. HomeTheaterBlog reviewed the Pioneer BDP-94HD and say, the BDP-94HD has a feature that sets it apart from every other Blu-ray player released to date, the ability to connect to your home network and stream movies, music, and photos directly to the player. The 94HD recognized the 1080i file on my computer and began streaming it flawlessly. I was quite surprised at how smooth it ran and, just as important, how good it looked

I saw something above and beyond the norm in the image quality department. The Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD is thus far the best looking Blu-ray playback device I’ve tested, the combination of superb video quality and its intuitive media streaming functions certainly make it well worth considering.