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Philips BDP7500, BDP9100, BDP9500

Philips BDP9500Philips have announced three new blu-ray players for the European market, the Philips BDP9500, BDP9100 and BDP7500.

Both blu-ray players support all the HD audio formats, and Internet video formats, feature 7.1 discrete analogue audio outputs, and sophisticated touch controls. Both also feature advanced HD up scaling technology to 1080p for DVDs.

The Philips BDP9500 blu-ray player is their new flagship model, which features a Qdeo video processor, and a premium design with solid 3mm aluminum. The Qdeo video processor eliminates and annoying noise without affecting sharpness, and can improve colors, without making the image unnatural. The BDP9500 also uses Burr-Brown analogue to digital converters to deliver best-in-class audio performance.

Philips BDP7500

The Philips BDP7500 is also a great looking sleek blu-ray players with a aluminum finish, and available in two colours, “Sophisticated Silver” and “Black Silk”. All three models support the standard aspect ratios, along with the 21:9 ratio, which is perfect for the Philips Cinema 21:9 HDTV

Update: The Philips BDP9100 model has also been announced, it fits it’s self between the other other models.

No word on pricing or release date as of yet, but we’re sure they will be released shortly.