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Philips BDP-3010, BDP-5010, BDP-7310

philips bdp7310After just posting details of the new new blu-ray line from Philips headed for Europe, we have just found details of the new line up for the U.S market.

With essentially the same models, with slightly different model names (ending in 10, rather than 00), the details and specifications are the same.

The Philips BDP-7310, BDP-5010, BDP-3010 cover the higher, mid and lower range of the blu-ray player market.  All models feature 24p output, DivX Ultra support, and upscaling of DVD to 1080p.

The top of the range Philips BDP-7310 fully supports blu-ray profile 2.0, with 1GB of internal memory for BD-Live. The top of the range Philips BDP7310 also supports, AVCHD and decoding of all 7.1 channels, with DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD support.

philips bdp7310

The Philips BDP-5010 supports BD-Live with an SD slot for adding external memory (1GB needed for BD-Live). The Philips BDP-3010 is a profile 1.1 blu-ray player, and will replace the BDP-7200 model.

Expect to see all models on the market this Spring.

  • Philips BDP-7310 | $299, May
  • Philips BDP-5010 | $249, April
  • Philips BDP-3010 | $229, April