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Marantz BD8002

Marantz BD8002Marantz is known for making very high quality components, but also unfortunately these products come at a high price. Marantz’s latest blu-ray player, the Marantz BD8002 will be shown at CES 2008. We can expect a lot from the Marantz BD8002 blu-ray player, and from taking a look at it’s specifications it does not disappoint, it is one of the only players which seems to include all of the features available today. Read more

Pioneer BDPLX70 Reviewed

Pioneer BDP-LX70 smallIf you’re looking to sink some money into the Blu-ray route of HD media playback, the Pioneer BDP-LX70 certainly seems to be a great player to select. Pioneer have always been known for their high end hardware, and the BDP-LX70 blu-ray player is one of their latest devices, so you can expect something good. Read more

Sony BDZ | BDZ-T50, T70, L70, X90

Sony BDZ Blu-ray playerSony has revealed four new Blu-ray players and recorders which are set to hit the market on November 8th. The four blu-ray players and recorders can of course play back BD (blu-ray) discs as well as burn 50GB dual-layer BD-R/RE discs and also feature a hard disc drive between 250GB and 500GB on the top model. Read more

Sony BDP-S2000ES

Sony BDP-S2000ESThere have been new Blu-ray and HD DVD players being announced left, right and center over the last few weeks. Two of Sony’s latest Blu-ray offerings are the BDP-S500 and the top of the line Sony BDP-S2000ES. Read more

Sharp BD-HP20U | AQUOS Blu-Ray Player

Sharps Aquos name will be familiar to many for their HDTV ranges, but not for any other home theater equipment, this makes the Sharp Aquos BD-HP20U the first Blu-ray player to grace the Aquos branding name. The “slim-profile of the BD-HP20U BD player will feature a HDMI 1.3 output. Read more

Pioneer BDP-95FD

Pioneer BDP-95FDPioneer have introduced their new high-end Pioneer Elite BDP-95FD Blu-ray player, which is the first Blu-ray player to offer and support all advanced audio formats over HDMI 1.3. Read more

Sony BDP-S500 Blu-ray Player

Sony has announced the Sony BDP-S500 Blu-ray Player, which seems to be an upgraded / higher spec BDP-S300 player. The BDP-S500 is very similar to the S300, design and size wise, but in addition offers HDMI 1.3, instead of the standard HDMI v1, and supports x.v Color, and also True HD and DTS-HD1 audio. Read more

Philips BDP7100

Philips have shown off one of their latest Blu-ray players at the IFA at Berlin. The Philips BDP7100 Blu-ray player supports 1080p (Full HD), 24p (24fps), HDMI-CEC, and both True HD and DTS HD audio formats. Read more

Pioneer BDP-94HD Reviewed

Pioneer Elite BDP-94HDIf you’re looking for the very best in Blu-ray, then you need a great player. The Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD blu-ray player does not come cheap, but it’s packed with features to get you the best blu-ray experience. The RRP of the BDP-94HD is $999 but should be cheaper online (check below), and supports 1080p/24p (24 fps) for outputting full 1080p HD at 24fps, so as long as your HDTV supports it, you can view blu-ray films in the intended recorded frame rate. Read more

Hitachi DZ-BD70, 30GB DZ-BD7H Hybrid Blu-Ray Camcorders

Hitachi DZ-BD7HHitachi have announced the world’s very first Blu-ray Disc camcorders. Two models will be available world wide in October this year, the Hitachi DZ-BD70 which can write to an 8-cm Blu-ray disc, and the Hitachi DZ-BD7H which also writes to the same disc but also packs an internal 30GB disk. Read more

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