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Sony BDP-S350

Sony BDP-S350Blu-ray has only just won the HD format war, and Sony has just released two new blu-ray players, the Sony BDP-S350 and the DBP-S550. There has never been a better time to buy a blu-ray / HD media player, and there doesn’t seem much of a better choice than the new BDP-S350. Read more

Sigmatek SBR-1000

Sigmatek SBR-1000Sigmatek have joined the blu-ray game with their first player called the SBR-1000. The Sigmatek SBR-1000 blu-ray player is going to be the cheapest player in avaliable in Europe. Read more

Plextor PX-B920SA

Plextor PX-B920SAMore and more manufacturers are starting to release drives which can read both HD formats, blu-ray and HD-DVD discs. Well the Plextor PX-B920SA can do that, and more. The PX-B920SA drive can read and write Blu-ray discs and also read HD-DVD discs, this seems like the perfect combo. Allowing you to read both formats, and write to one high capacity format. Read more

Philips BDP7200

Philips BDP7200Philips have announced their second generation blu-ray player called the Philips BDP7200. The BDP7200 fully supports 1080p Full HD resolution output along with 24p (24 frames per second, film rate) and Deep Color (HDMI 1.3) for over 1 billion color and eliminates color banding. Read more

Sony BDU-X10S

Sony BDU-X10SIf your looking for a nice looking Blu-ray drive for your PC, maybe for your media center or just movie watching the new Sony BDU-X10S Blu-ray drive for the PC shoud suit you very well. The BDU-X10S is priced well at $200 making it very tempting for people who wan to make the leap over to the HD world, especial now that it seems Blu-ray has won. Read more

Sharp BD-HP20H Reviewed

Sharp BD-HP20HIt seems like a good time to buy a Blu-ray player, as they seem to have won the whole HD format war. Unfortunately the players don’t come cheap. Sharp has noticed these two things, and have released the BD-HP20H blu-ray player at a very competitive price. Read more

Samsung BD-P1400 Reviewed

Samsung BD-P1400Samsung was one of the first to release Blu-ray players in Europe, and now they seem to have perfected it with the release of their BD-P1400 blu-ray player. The Samsung BD-P1400 is their third generation blu-ray player, yes third, it’s crazy to think they are already on their third generation versions, while many people have yet to still buy any form of HD player. Read more

Samsung BD-P1500

Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray playerGreat news for Blu-ray fans, Samsung have announced their new blu-ray player for release this May. The Samsung BD-P1500 blu-ray player looks great and very sleek with a black gloss finish, and the internals are just as good, with the BD-P1500 conforming to blu-ray profile 1.1. Read more

Samsung BD-UP5500

Samsung BD-UP5500Samsung have announced their new Duo HD player, gaining appreciation of many HDTV owners around the world. The new Samsung BD-UP5500 Duo HD player can play back both HD formats, HD DVD, Blu-ray and also standard DVDs upscalled to 1080p. Duo HD / Dual formats players are the answer to the very annoying “HD format war” which leaves HDTV owners not knowing which format to go for. Read more

Sharp BD-HP50U

Sharp BD-HP50UNot only has Sharp announced four new LCD HDTV ranges, they have also announced the Sharp BD-HP50U blu-ray player. The BD-HP50U is Sharp’s second generation Blu-ray player, and supports the Blu-rau profile 1.1 along with DB-Live. Secondary audio and video decoders provide picture in picture capability, and a USB terminal provides access to a local storage device. Read more

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