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Pioneer BDP-320

pioneer bdp-320The middle of the range, new blu-ray player from Pioneer’s 2009 range is the Pioneer BDP-320. A step up from the BDP-120, the BDP-320 brings new features such as 1GB of internal memory, 7.1-channel analog outputs and USB media port. Read more

Pioneer BDP-120

pioneer bdp-120This year Pioneer seem to be all about their new Blu-ray players. Unleashing three new models. First up is the Pioneer BDP-120 blu-ray player, which comes at under a very reasonable $300 and features BD-Live, straight out of the box. Read more


JVC XV-PB1JVC have announced they are going to release their very first blu-ray player on U.S soil. Having previously only released their players elsewhere, the brand new JVC XV-PB1 blu-ray player will be the first. Read more

LG BD370, BD390

LG BD370Like most other companies, LG are updating their Blu-ray player offerings for 2009. Building on their popular BD300 blu-ray player, the first to offer netflix streaming via the Internet, LG have announced two “networked” blu-ray players, the LG BD370, the LG BD390. Read more

Sharp BD-HP22U, BD-HP16U

sharp bd-hp22uNew for 2009, Sharp have announced two new blu-ray players, the Sharp BD-HP22U and the Sharp BD-HP16U. Both support 1080p HD playback, along with 24p output. While the top of the range Sharp BD-HP22U support blu-ray profile 2.0 / BD-Live right out of the box. Read more

Vizio VBR100

Not only has Vizio released many new HDTVs, they are also getting in on the Blu-ray player market, with the Vizio VBR100. The 2-inch thick player can deliver 1080p HD output. Read more

Samsung BD-P4600

Just freshly announced at the CES ’09 the Samsung BD-P4600 blu-ray player is the “world’s thinnest blu-ray player”. Just like last year with the HDTVs, everyone wants that “world’s thinnest title”. Read more

Amex Digital Portable Mac Blu-ray Drive | BDP-2, BDR-2

Prospective MacBook and MacBook Pro owners who wish their latest computer came with a blu-ray drive can now relax. These users, along with anyone with a USB 2.0 enabled Mac, can now easily add an external blu-ray burner. Thanks to the Amex Digital Portable Blu-ray burner, users can now play back Blu-ray films and also burn directly to BD discs. Read more

Pioneer BDP-LX91

pioneer_bdplx91The new Pioneer BDP-LX91 is the next true, reference quality Blu-ray player, which provides the highest level of picture and audio performance. The BDP-LX91 is expected to be the blu-ray players which other players are compared to. This highest-end, flagship BD player has been created to get the very best out of blu-ray and also DVD and CD content. Read more

LG BD300

lg bd300The LG BD300 Blu-ray player is the very first blu-ray player to also have access to Netflix’s online Watch Now library of streaming movies and TV shows. The LG BD300 works in a very similar way to the existing standalone Roku Netflix Player. Read more

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