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Sony BDP-S360

sony bdp-s360The Sony BDP-S360 is an entry-level blu-ray player with some impressive features and specifications. It’s the first entry-level blu-ray player from Sony which features internal DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD decoding, allowing for 7.1 channel audio via a compatible AV receiver. Read more


oppo bdp-83It has been a while since we have heard anything about any Universal Blu-ray players. Even the very expensive Denon DVD-A1UD has been delayed in Japan.

But now OPPO are changing all that with the worlds first universal Blu-ray player, the OPPO BDP-83. Read more

Samsung BD-P4600

samsung bd-p4600This year’s top of the range blu-ray player from Samsung, the BD-P4600 is probably one of the most exciting and interesting blu-ray players to date.

The Samsung BD-P4600 is unique in the fact that it can be wall mounted next to your HDTV. The ultra slim 1.5-inch design has a piano black finish with ruby highlights and clear prism edges along with a slot-loading disc drive. Read more

Samsung BD-P3600

samsung bd-p3600The Samsung BD-P3600 was announced at this years CES in January, and has now been released to the public, and has been spotted by a number of people for a very respectable $399 price tag. Read more

Samsung BD-P1600

Samsung BD-P1600The Samsung BD-P1600 blu-ray player is one of Samsung’s latest offerings. The newest generation of blu-ray players are starting to show up at stores and the Samsung BD-P1600 looks like an impressive, well priced model. Read more

Panasonic DMR-BS850, DMR-BS750 Blu-Ray Recorder

panasonic dmr-bs850There hasn’t been much in the way of standalone blu-ray recorders just yet. But now with the Panasonic DMR-BS850 blu-ray recorder / DVR heading to the U.K, the lucky brits can get blu-ray burning. Read more

Philips BDP-3010, BDP-5010, BDP-7310

philips bdp7310After just posting details of the new new blu-ray line from Philips headed for Europe, we have just found details of the new line up for the U.S market.

With essentially the same models, with slightly different model names (ending in 10, rather than 00), the details and specifications are the same. Read more

Philips BDP3000, BDP5000, BDP7300

philips bdp73000Philips have announced three new Blu-ray players for the UK / European market which Philips says are “pushing the boundaries in picture quality and sound experience.”

The range is separated into the usual higher end, mid and lower range, with the Philips BDP7300, BDP5000 and BDP3000 models respectively. Read more

LG BD300 Reviewed

The LG BD300 blu-ray player has gained a lot of attention for being the very first blu-ray player to support Netflix streaming “watch now” feature. Allowing you to have instant playback access to over 12,000 movies and TV episodes for no additional charge to netflix subscribers. Read more

Pioneer BDP-23FD

pioneer Elite bdp-23fdThe newest Elite series Blu-ray player from Pioneer’s 2009 lineup is the Pioneer BDP-23FD Elite series. The BDP-23FD takes the BDP-320 even further, and it the first model from Pioneer to feature an RS-232C port for linking to an automated control system, when is perfect for custom installers. Read more

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