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LG BE06LU10LG have announced their new external Blu-ray rewriter and HD DVD-ROM drive, the LG BE06LU10. It has the ability to both read and write Blu-ray and also read HD DVD at 6x speed. The LG BE06LU10 offers a quick and easy way to add a permanent or portable HD drive to your computer.

Its great to see a drive which supports the reading of both HD formats, and also provides great storage options with being able to write / burn to Blu-ray discs at a speedy 6x. So with the LG BE06LU10 you will be able to play back and watch both blu-ray and HD-DVDs and also have the ability to burn blu-ray discs for a huge 50GB of storage, thats enough space for over 11,000 MP3s.

The external BE06LU10 uses a simple USB 2.0 connector and offers similar specifications as the recently launched (Internal) LG GGW-H20L.  The LG BE06LU10 is avaliable now for around £260. Check below for current prices.

LG BE06LU10 specifications:

  • BD-R(SL/DL): 6X/4X
  • BD-RE(SL/DL): 2X
  • DVD+R/R DL: 16X/4X
  • DVD+RW/-RW: 8X/6X
  • CD-R/RW: 40X/24X


  • BD-R/RO(SL): 6X
  • BD-R/ROM(DL): 4.8X
  • BD-RE(SL/DL): 2X
  • DVD-ROM(SL): 16X
  • CD-ROM: 40X