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LG BD300

lg bd300The LG BD300 Blu-ray player is the very first blu-ray player to also have access to Netflix’s online Watch Now library of streaming movies and TV shows. The LG BD300 works in a very similar way to the existing standalone Roku Netflix Player. Allowing you to load up the queue on your Netflix account and pair the LG BD300 together, and start watching these movies or TV shows via your broadband connection. Netflix subscribers will have instant playback access to over 12,000 movies and TV episodes for no additional charge. This unique feature of the LG BD300 means not only will you have great quality blu-ray playback, but also instant access to a massive virtual DVD collection. Using the LG BD300′s remote, users can browse, select and rate movies, and also pause, rewind and fast forward video streams.

lg bd300

Specification information is still a little scarce on the blu-ray side of the LG BD300, but we do know it’s going to support the latest blu-ray Profile 2.0, which is great to see, so it will support interactive BD-Live features, and access online content. The LG BD300 also upconverts DVDs to Full HD 1080p to get the very best out of your existing collection. Recent price sightings of the LG BD300 are showing prices of just $349, thats $50-100 cheaper than first anticipated. Expect to see the LG BD300 available from October 10th.

Update: We have just received the official spec sheet, which provides some more light.  The HDMI 1.3 output will support LG’s SimpLink Connectivity, 24p, Deep Color and x.v.Color. Audio wise we are seeing Dolby® Digital True HD, DTS-HD Advanced Digital output, Linear PCM output, and 7.1-channel audio output.  The LG BD300 review has now been added to the site, receiving high remarks.