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LG BD300 Reviewed

The LG BD300 blu-ray player has gained a lot of attention for being the very first blu-ray player to support Netflix streaming “watch now” feature. Allowing you to have instant playback access to over 12,000 movies and TV episodes for no additional charge to netflix subscribers.

By simply connecting the BD300 to your broadband Ethernet connection you will have instant access to a huge virtual DVD collection, where you can browse, pause, fast forward, rate and more.

But, the LG BD300 is of course primarily a blu-ray player, so if netflix doesn’t take your fancy, you will be very glad to know that the LG BD300 is one of the best blu-ray players to date. Engadget say that the “BD300 is really second to none when it comes to doing what Blu-ray players are meant to do: play Blu-ray Discs”, and that it is also one of the fastest also, being even quicker than a PS3, with very little delay in starting playback of the movie.

lg bd300

Home Theater mag gave the LG BD300 4.5 out of five rating and said “LG has done a spectacular job with its first standalone Blu-ray player. The LG BD300 sets the bar for disc load and response times. Netflix support only adds to the allure of this low-priced player.”

With full BD-Live / blu-ray profile 2.0 support, and bursting with extra features which you wouldn’t find on most other players, along with super fast start up times the LG BD300 is definitely worth it’s decent asking price.