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jvc xv-bp11JVC have announced their latest blu-ray player, the JVC XV-BP11, which comes in at just under the magic $200 price tag.

There are a few players available for this price, but it’s always nice to see some extra competition in this price bracket, especially from a brand such as JVC.

The JVC XV-BP11 is an “ultra slim” blu-ray player, and from looking at the photo it almost look “ultra long”, but I’m sure this is just because of it’s super slim design. The XV-BP11 should be available right now for $199.95.

So what do you get for $199.95? As well as playing back blu-ray discs, it can also playback the popular camcorder format, AVCHD along with WMV, JPG, MP3, WMA files via disc or from the USB port.

jvc xv-bp11

It features HDMI 1.3 output along with composite, but you will of course want to use the HDMI port. It supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus, Dolby True HD, DTS, and DTS HD Master Audio/Essential audio formats.

Other features of the JVC XVBP11 include coaxial audio output, cinema zoom (x16), quick loading and parental lock.