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Philips BDP3000, BDP5000, BDP7300

philips bdp73000Philips have announced three new Blu-ray players for the UK / European market which Philips says are “pushing the boundaries in picture quality and sound experience.”

The range is separated into the usual higher end, mid and lower range, with the Philips BDP7300, BDP5000 and BDP3000 models respectively.

All models feature good specifications with all three supporting BD-Live, 24p support and upscaling of DVDs and even DivX files to 1080p.

The top of the range, flagship model the Philips BDP7300 offers advanced audio capabilities with decoding of all 7.1 channels lossless HD audio formats, including DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. The Philips BD-P7300 also features 1GB of built in memory for full support and use of BD-Live, making the player fully Blu-ray profile 2.0.

philips bdp73000

The Philips BDP5000 and BDP3000 support DivX Ultra and feature US2 2.0 port for use as additional storage for BD-Live, and also for multimedia playback. You can transfer movies, clips, MP3s and WMV files to a USB storage device, and the new Philips range will be able to play them back. The Philips can also playback AVCHD files.

Expect to find the new range available this Spring. Click here for the U.S Models.

  • Philips BDP7300 | May, 350 Euros
  • Philips BDP5000 | May, 300 Euros
  • Philips BDP3000 | June, 250 Euros