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Samsung BD-P1400 Reviewed

Samsung BD-P1400Samsung was one of the first to release Blu-ray players in Europe, and now they seem to have perfected it with the release of their BD-P1400 blu-ray player. The Samsung BD-P1400 is their third generation blu-ray player, yes third, it’s crazy to think they are already on their third generation versions, while many people have yet to still buy any form of HD player.

Over the last month, blu-ray seems to have taken the lead in the HD format war, and seems like they will probably be the winning format. So maybe holding off until now has been of our advantage, and has let the manufacturers enhance the features, and reduce bugs from their earlier generation players.

Not only are the newest generation of players better in a number of ways (more features, higher quality, etc) they are also cheaper. The Samsung BDP1400 can be found online for as little as £255 now (check below), and provides a great model for supreme blu-ray performance. The Samsung BD-P1400 looks amazing with it’s black gloss finish and smooth styling, and also has all the features you should be wanting from a new blu-ray player.

The BD-P1400 has full 1080p (Full HD) output for the highest HD format, along with 24p (24frames per second) for the best / true frame rate, and HDMI 1.3 outputs, along with component, s-video, along with optical and coaxial digital audio outputs and a Ethernet connection. This Ethernet connection can be used with Samsung’s online service for updating the player with it’s latest firmware. The Samsung BD-P1400 also supports Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS and also DTS HD, which can be internally also decoded. TrustedReviews say, The inclusion of pure, uncompromised 1080p output brings a crispness to the picture that really draws you into the screen, and there’s no noise to get in the way of its exceptionally sharp and fine detail reproduction. Colour reproduction is powerful yet natural, making the picture look dazzling without being garish or artificial.