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Avatar 3D Blu-Ray Coming in November

AvatarThere is no question the Avatar in 3D kicked off a huge interested in 3D cinema and 3D TV again.

This year HDTV manufactures have been investing a lot of money and time bringing 3D into your living room. Most manufactures have announced at least one line of new 3D HDTVs and 3D blu-ray players hoping buyers will want to join in on the 3D action.

Can the Avatar 3D blu-ray help entice users to purchase 3D HDTVs like it did in brining people to the cinema wearing their 3D glasses? Many people sure hope it can. Read more

Sony BDP-S470, BDP-S570 First 3D Blu-Ray Players

sony bdp-s470Right now we can’t escape from the 3D invasion, with every manufacture plugging their latest 3D devices.

The Sony BDP-S470 will be Sony’s very first 3D Blu-ray player, and it will ship later this month for just $200! There is one small catch though, while it will ship this month, it’s won’t be 3D ready until a 3D blu-ray update is delivered via Firmware update in the summer. Read more

Panasonic DMP-BDT900-K & DMR-BWT Range of 3D Blu-Ray Players

Just yesterday we wrote about Panasonic’s new 3D plasma HDTV, the TH-P54VT and the TH-P50VT. Now today they have announced three a new 3D blu-ray player and three 3D blu-ray recorders, completing the 3D setup!

The 3D expiable blu-ray player is the Panasonic DMP-BDT900-K. It makes use of the latest Advanced AVC Engine and interestingly features component output and two HDMI outputs, which we assume support the latest HDMI 1.4 standard. Other ports include Ethernet LAN, and a SDXC memory card reader which can read and playback JPEG photos, along with MPEG-2/4 AVC / H.264 videos. Read more

Samsung BD-C7500, BD-C6900, BD-C6500 (2010 Blu-Ray Players)

Samsung BD-C6900Samsung have today announced their 2010 blu-ray players to the world. This year they have four new players on offer for 2010 covering the market from the budget area to the highend 3D blu-ray supporting Samsung BD-C6900.

The Samsung BD-C6900 has won the 2010 CES Best of Innovations Award, and supports 3D blu-ray. Read more

Sony BDP-S370, BDP-S570, BDP-S770 (2010 Blu-Ray Players)

Sony BDP-S770Sony have just announced their latest blu-ray players for 2010. The three new Sony blu-ray players cover the whole market at three different price points.

The Sony BDP-S370 is the lower end model, the BDP-S570 the mid, and the Sony BDP-S770 their latest highend blu-ray player with 3D support. All three can be controlled from using your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control. Read more

Sharp BD-HP24U, BD-HP70U | Sharp’s 2010 Blu-Ray Players

Sharp BD-HP70UThe Sharp BD-HP24U and BD-HP70U are the two latest blu-ray players to be announced my Sharp.

Both players are packed with the latest features and support online connectivity for Netflix and other services. Sharp say that the players set new price / performance benchmarks for the industry. Read more

LG BD570, BD590, BD550

LG BD590LG have just unleashed three new blu-ray players to the world at this years CES in Vegas, the LG BD570, BD590, and BD550.

All three LG blu-ray players look great and are feature packed with the latest technology.

Sitting at the very top of the tree is the LG BD590. The BD590 stands out from the crowd with it’s built in 250GB hard drive. Read more


jvc xv-bp11JVC have announced their latest blu-ray player, the JVC XV-BP11, which comes in at just under the magic $200 price tag.

There are a few players available for this price, but it’s always nice to see some extra competition in this price bracket, especially from a brand such as JVC. Read more

Sony BDP-N460

Sony BDP-N460The Sony BDP-N460 is the latest addition to Sony’s collection of blu-ray players.

With an MSRP of just $249, it places it’s self nicely between the already available BDP-S360 and the BDP-S560 models.

The Sony BDP-N460 comes to market at a price $50 cheaper than the BDP-S360, and offers improved features, making it a very good buy. Read more

Toshiba BDX2000

Toshiba BDX2000Toshiba are better known as one of the major HD-DVD supporters in the past, before the HD format was was won by blu-ray.

They have now released their very first blu-ray player, the Toshiba BDX2000. Read more

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